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Together with our privacy policy, Terms of condition govern your use and access to the News Aqwa website and any products and services provided by News Aqwa (Services) or its affiliates.

Before using the Services, please read these Terms carefully, as they may affect your rights. Please read these Terms carefully before using any of the Services.

Copyright statement

News Aqwa’s publishers, News Aqwa Limited, own or license the copyright to all content. Including text, images, graphics, and software, except when otherwise noted. News Aqwa Limited hereby reserves all rights.

Access to News Aqwa content is restricted to non-commercial usage by individual users. Without News Aqwa’s prior written approval, users may not download, copy, store on any means (including another website), re-transmit, distribute, transmit, modify, or display any portion of News Aqwa in public.

Links to other sites

Users might leave our pages via ads and connections to other sites.

Such websites are not under our control when it comes to their privacy policies, rules, or content.

As a result, if you visit another site after clicking on a link from ours. It is possible that third parties will be able to see information about your visit.

Affiliate links

We will include links to vendors in our posts wherever possible so that you can purchase the things we recommend. These shopping links usually contain a little bit of code that tells a store that you came from News Aqwa and so allows them to send News Aqwa a small reward if you purchase something.

Online publishers frequently use affiliate links to monetize their content. In addition to other means, the money allows us to pay for the high-quality content we invest in every day.

There is no reward to our editors for selecting certain deals for our affiliate program, which operates independently from the editorial process of our website.

Investing and purchasing advice

We are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of following any of the advice in our articles. There is no one else to blame except yourself if something goes wrong with your actions or investments. You alone bear the full weight of whatever decision you make.

Promotional articles

In collaboration with various businesses, News Aqwa produces promotional, paid-for content produced by both parties. Our other articles, reviews, features, and buyer’s guides are not influenced by any promotions that appear at the top of a piece. In order to measure the success of our News Aqwa promotion, some of the links in this post may track clicks.

Readers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner

Additionally, we ask that you refrain from attempting to collect information such as IP addresses or content, or from uploading any software that could damage or impair this website’s performance.

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